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New York Live Arts
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POSITION TITLE: Production Stage Manager also referred to as “PSM”
DEPARTMENT: Production
REPORTS TO: Director of Production
CLASSIFICATION: Part-Time (30-35 weeks annually) with the potential to be Full-Time
SALARY: $1,200 a week plus benefits
SCHEDULE: Monday - Friday, mostly 9A-7P. Weekends and evenings required on tour
START DATE: Week of July 26, 2021
New York Live Arts is looking for a Production Stage Manager to be an integral part of the
BTJ/AZ Company production personnel. The PSM oversees all rehearsals in New York City
and on tour. They are an intrinsic part of the creation process and touring of new works.
The PSM will take on the rehearsal and touring aspects of current touring repertory, which
includes approximately four touring productions.
New York Live Arts values a diverse workplace and strongly encourages women, people of
color, LGBT individuals, people with disabilities, members of ethnic minorities, foreign-born
residents, and veterans to apply. New York Live Arts is an equal opportunity employer.
Applicants will not be discriminated against because of race, color, creed, sex, sexual
orientation, gender identity or expression, age, religion, national origin, citizenship status,
disability, ancestry, marital status, veteran status, medical condition or any protected
category prohibited by local, state or federal laws.
● Stage management experience in theater and/or dance for at least three - five years.
● Touring experience. International touring is not a must have but a plus.
● Basic knowledge of setting up and running a rehearsal sound system. Including but
not limited to operating an analogue sound console, wireless microphones, an audio
playback computer.
● Must have basic knowledge of Microsoft Office and Google Docs.
● Basic knowledge of QLab.
● Must have a valid U.S. Passport and Driver’s license.
● Must be comfortable with driving vehicles including but not limited to cars/sedans,
mini-vans, 15 passenger vans, and cargo vans within New York City and on tour.
● Vaccination for COVID-19 required.
● Strong organizational and project management skills, including excellent attention to
detail. The diplomacy and good judgment needed to balance multiple tasks
● Strong writing and oral communication skills
● Thrives in fast paced creative work environments.
As of 5.11.21 Page 1 of 5
● Feels comfortable, confident and interested in participating in the creative process in
ways including but not limited to participating in creative conversations, making
creative decisions while in rehearsal in the studio or theater, and more.
● Willingness to work independently and to collaborate with others
● Regularly required to sit, talk, and hear.
● Frequently required to use repetitive hand motions and to stand, walk, reach, bend.
● Occasionally required to lift up to 20-50 pounds.
Touring Duties
● Communicate updates, issues, etc. with artistic staff in advance and during tours.
● Create and update Production Schedules.
● Review production plans prior to load-in and discuss any issues with the Director of
Production and Lighting Supervisor.
● Help load and unload equipment at the warehouse when schedule allows.
● Set up the rehearsal studio according to space constraints.
● Act as liaison with local musicians during advance and on tour. Send out sheet
music, sound files, video files, and schedules to musicians or musicians contact.
● Supervise and help packing Company luggage for non-freight tours. Help in packing
and tracking luggage for Lighting Supervisor and Director Production. Pack all
supplies for dancers, stage management, and sound. Confirm weights and labels of
● Assist in preparing for artists’ needs on tour.
● Assist in load-in of equipment into theatres.
● Install focus lines and other focus aids for Lighting Supervisor.
● Help install set and décor: floor grid, soft goods, scenery, etc
● Assist to ensure safe working conditions for artists. Make backstage areas are safe
prior to performer arrival.
● Create and maintain stage management and local crew cue sheets for all pieces.
● Run the deck and instruct local crew on their performance duties. Instruct local crew
on their performance duties.
● Work to ensure overall technical quality and consistency of all performances.
● Maintain supply of props and replace as necessary. Supervise local props crew.
● Supervise wardrobe crew unpack costumes during load-in and loadout. Maintain
○ Supervise preparation of costumes: washing, steaming, special care. Maintain
costumes and repair as needed. Supervise local and/or tour wardrobe crew.
In the event of an insufficient wardrobe crew, may need to take on some of
the costume prep.
As of 5.11.21 Page 2 of 5
○ Maintain and distribute Wardrobe paperwork (Costume Breakdown, Quick
Change Sheets, Costume Tracking)
● Responsible for communicating with Performers packing and tracking of dancer bags.
Supervise and track Dancer rehearsal clothes laundry
● Run technical rehearsals, keep rehearsals on schedule.
● Call all cues during technical rehearsals & performances.
● Liaison with local house management: opening the house, starting the show on time,
late seating, etc.
● Open space prior to artist arrival after opening night and cover Company class.
● Assist in load out of all Company equipment.
Touring Duties Continued
● Generate and distribute performance reports: report on venue, local crew, load-in,
technical rehearsal, performance run times, load-out.
● Generate and distribute short tour summaries after performance/load-out
(specifically when Bill is not on tour).
● Create and maintain stage management and local crew cue sheets for all pieces.
● Help check-in dancers and Company luggage on tour. Ensure that all Company
luggage is distributed and any carry-on luggage makes its way to final destination.
● Pick up and/or drop off Company luggage at storage or office before or after a flight.
● Help liaise with presenters on-site with last minute press requests (photo calls,
● Assist dancers in need of physical therapy/immediate care in emergency situations.
Company Rehearsal Duties
● Responsible for reserving & scheduling appropriate rehearsal space, maintaining
relationships with studios and personnel. Provide personnel list to studios and update
as necessary. This includes NYLA studios and any off-site rehearsal studios when
● Purchase and maintain rehearsal equipment. Procure props or costumes needed in
the studio.
● Maintain and organize all equipment needed for rehearsal. Transport equipment to
and from rehearsal studio as applicable. Maintain rehearsal equipment; keep it
organized and in good condition.
● Set-up sound system, tape out spikes and active dance space for pieces being
rehearsed, set-up props for pieces being rehearsed, set-up instruments and other
musician needs, set-up first aid for Company class and rehearsal. At Live Arts open
the wall for rehearsal.
● Strike rehearsal equipment as needed each day. Remove all props, instruments,
musician set-up, etc. each day. At Live Arts, close the studio wall.
● Monitor rehearsals: track dancer attendance, call breaks, keep artists on schedule,
keep the studio in good condition, maintain relationships with other studio users.
As of 5.11.21 Page 3 of 5
● Generate rehearsal reports: report on dancer arrival, schedule of rehearsal and any
artistic or technical notes from rehearsal. Send reports to staff members.
● Ensure safe working conditions during rehearsals. Document and report any
accidents or injuries. Maintain stock of first aid supplies.
● Support musicians’ rehearsal needs.
● Schedule and prepare for special guests in rehearsal.
● Act as one of the primary liaisons between the artists and administrative staff during
rehearsal periods. Communicate information regarding new work, scheduling,
budget, artistic, and technical issues that arise during rehearsal.
Company Rehearsal Duties Continued
● Operate sound system which includes QLab, wireless microphones, and live
musicians. During run-throughs; running the sound cues and microphones for the
● Organize open rehearsals with other departments within Live Arts. Including funder
showings, and other guests in rehearsal.
● Collect and prepare audio files needed for rehearsal of active repertory
● Communicate needs for updated ground plans & spike marks to Director of
Production and Lighting Supervisor. Ensure that updates are implemented in
rehearsals and tracked for touring.
● Maintain script and other text files. Be “on book” to track and assist with lines as
needed. Acquire, duplicate and distribute text resources (scripts, lyrics, etc.).
● Communicate details of any copyrighted material (music, text, etc…) being used in
new productions to the Producing Director for licensing.
● Set-up video computers and maintain rehearsal videos for performers to use.
New Work Creation Duties:
● Assist in artistic research: find music, lyrics, newspaper articles, etc… during new
work creation.
● Production research: help find & procure equipment, props, expendables, etc…
● Reporting on developments from rehearsal, distribute rehearsal videos, scripts, etc…
● Create and maintain Q-Lab files for each production. Work with and share with
Sound Designer while building.
● Maintain and edit QLab files for rehearsal. Work with the composer to generate and
roughly work on sound design for rehearsal in QLab.
● Develop and distribute show order tracking during new work creation.
● Report artistic and creative decisions made during rehearsals to the Director of
Production and Lighting Supervisor and collaborators.
● Schedule and organize anything needed for costume fittings.
● Document costume fittings by taking photos and any notes from Artistic Staff.
As of 5.11.21 Page 4 of 5
Finance & Administrative Duties:
● Coordinate company dancer and guest artist auditions: arrange space, oversee
advertising, prepare audition materials, run auditions.
● Develop/maintain inventory and archive of touring costumes.
● Maintain the Company storage facility in collaboration with Production Staff.
● Rent and drive cars or cargo vans as needed for Company activities.
● Run production-related errands as required.
● Gather and archive Stage Manager Cue Sheets, costume descriptions, audio files,
show running paperwork, scripts, and sheet music for all present and past touring productions

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  • Job ID: 57357833
  • Location:
    New York, United States
    NEW YORK, New York, United States
  • Position Title: Production Stage Manager
  • Company Name: New York Live Arts
  • Job Function: Stage Manager
  • Job Type: Part-Time

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